Getting Started

During the planning phase, the GovMax team works with your staff to develop the financial structure that will be set up in GovMax. During virtual meetings with your designated staff, GovMax Support will assist them in compiling the data that will be loaded into GovMax.

Templates are available which define the file requirements for lookup, financial, positions, and projects. Generally, an IT representative assists with building the files from the financial system with the data needed and Budget Office staff (ultimately System Administrators) work with GovMax Support to load the data. We use GoTo meetings to train the staff and work on the uploads together.

The implementation usually takes 2-3 months and requires very little overlap. For example, an agency currently using spreadsheets can verify the data loads, and at the point that all the data is correct can start using GovMax live with no need to continue maintaining the spreadsheets.

There is no charge for implementation assistance from the GovMax team. Sarasota County maintains the software and code changes are updated in production during the regular maintenance windows.

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