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What is GovMax?

GovMax is a governmental web-based application that integrates budgeting with long-term strategic planning, business planning, and performance management. It was developed by Sarasota County to help public sector agencies maximize performance, investments and results. GovMax is the only integrated system of its type designed specifically for government organizations. Use of GovMax results in greater staff and technology efficiency, better accountability for the value of services delivered, and more effective means of communicating outcomes to the community served.

GovMax is a government budgeting system that integrates strategic planning, budgeting (both operating and capital) and performance management. GovMax is delivered as a 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) solution that allows infrastructure investment and subject matter expertise to be shared across all partner organizations resulting in a lower overall Total Cost of Ownership. It is a hosted cloud application solution, installed and maintained at Sarasota County’s Data Center. There is no hardware or software to buy, all you need is an Internet connection and an HTML5 compliant browser.

GovMax can help you achieve:

  • Reduced data editing/verification time; because GovMax has one central repository for all budget data, there are no "shadow" systems to merge or re-key.
  • Reduced budget book preparation time from weeks to days, and
  • Reduced to no overtime associated with the budget document preparation.
GovMax Application Home Page

GovMax Modules

Budgeting — Accounts, comprehensive Position Budgeting, Budget Decision Packages, Grants

Capital Projects — Activities, Means of Financing, Budget Impacts

Performance — Strategic Plans, Objectives, Measures

Reporting — Exponential reports available covering: Expenditures, Revenues, Fund Proforma (Exp to Rev), Positions, Grants, Capital Projects, Performance, Budget Proposals (decision packages often reviewed during budget phases). Custom Reports available (Budget Documents), and user can create reports using the Ad Hoc Reporting capabilities.

Lookups — stores all account code information, all rates (FICA, retirement, benefits, etc.)

Work Scope — Ability to limit account views, specific to user access needs

Settings — Local System Administrator’s access to setup, controls, settings

Transparency — Link to public-facing website to display real-time budgeting data


Budgeting Icon

Manage your expenditure and revenue accounts and details of your fiscal budget, along with budget splits and payroll additives of your positions.

Capital Projects

Capital Projects Icon

Plan and manage your capital expenditures arising from long-term work program.


Performance Icon

Manage your objectives, measures, challenges, and actions of your organization.


Reporting Icon

Use one of the 83 base reports or create your own dynamic reports for all areas.

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Integrated System

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Seamlessly integrates all the elements critical to meeting mandatory annual budgeting processes and provides consistent reporting across the entire organization and to the overall community.

Cost Savings

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No up-front costs for hardware or software; once implemented, only an annual service charge. Reduces overall staff time required for budget preparation and business case development.

Software as a Service

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GovMax does not require dedicated programmers, analysts or database administrators. It is a cloud hosted application solution that only requires internet access; no local platform is required.

Custom Design

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Design it how you need it to work! With GovMax, you get low-cost access to a time tested high performance application that can be custom designed to serve the needs of your budget professionals.
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