GovMax Government Budgeting Software

GovMax will be at the FGFOA conference May 19-20.

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Ditch ERPs and spreadsheets. Save resources, time, and effort and switch to GovMax to give your team the superpower to prepare and manage budgets in half the time.



How long GovMax has been around

Number of base reports available

Uptime on a secured server in Sarasota

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Maximize performance, investments and results

Develop strategic plans and manage the objectives, measures, challenges, and actions
of your organization to minimize the budgeting headaches.

Best for non-tech users

Enables non-technical users to easily disseminate critical information with built-in printing and reporting capabilities.

Smart, safe, and secured

Maintained by expert network engineers in a state-of-the-art, secured data center located in Sarasota, FL. 

Ease of use

Customer friendly system that allows budgeting and reporting in one place and filtering of information in multiple ways. 

Increase performance & productivity

GovMax makes it easy to input positions, create custom filters, prepare reports,
and print Budget documents with a few simple clicks.

Manage capital

Streamline budgeting

Track performance

Build reports

Display data