GovMax Government Budgeting Software

GovMax will be at the FGFOA conference May 19-20.

Welcome to GovMax!

GovMax is not just another software in your office, but an intelligent tool that truly reduces the annual budget preparation stress.

Our Story Started in 2001

Built by government, for government

Developed by Sarasota County, Florida, GovMax started out as a need to have a better budgeting system because we wanted to change how municipalities look at the tedious budgeting process. Our vision was to create a unique cloud-based budgeting, strategic planning, performance management, and reporting solution to fix problems faced by every budgeting manager.

We’ve built GovMax from scratch. Perfected it over time. And we believe in our product. Our mission is to help public sector agencies maximize performance, investments and results.

The GovMax Team

With GovMax, you’re not just getting software. You’re getting an approachable,
accessible team that’s always available to provide you with support.

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With GovMax, you’re not just getting a software. You’re getting time back
that you used to spend preparing budgets using outdated spreadsheets
and complicated budgeting systems.