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Here’s how Collier County’s budget department is simplifying budgeting tasks

Why Collier county

As one of the first municipalities to sign on with GovMax, we spoke with Collier County’s Laura Zautcke, Senior Budget Analyst, to understand how she’s using GovMax for greater efficiency in her day-to-day functions.

Prior to using GovMax in FY2006, the County was utilizing spreadsheets to prepare budgets and sought to simplify their budgeting process with a solution that would allow them to easily compile budget data across departments and generate a budget document.

As Laura shares, “One of the biggest headaches that GovMax solves for us is the ability to click on a report within GovMax and print a Budget Document.  We no longer have to rely on another software program such as Microsoft Word to compile the financial information, performance measures, objectives, etc.” 

GovMax’s “click and print” functionality stands out.  It eliminates the need for tedious data re-exporting, reformatting, and updating the budget document whenever a budget item changes, proving to be a time-saving solution.

Collier County still uses GovMax alongside their ERP

Many municipalities perform their budget functions within an ERP, even though ERP’s can be clunky and complicated. But that’s not the case with Collier County. They understand that budgeting can be a separate function of overall municipal administration.

“One thing about an ERP is that they may not always be the best solution for every department.  While one system may work well for the Finance and Planning Departments, there may be a better solution to meet the needs of the Budget Department.”  Laura continues by saying “GovMax not only compiles detailed budget information, but allows users to add narratives, performance measures, and other pertinent information related to the budget.  So it made sense for us to sign on with GovMax and use it alongside our ERP.  Plus, the annual cost is reasonable.”

Why Collier County likes GovMax

“Customer service is awesome. Support tickets are addressed promptly.  For more complex issues, GovMax will quickly schedule a conference call to answer your questions or assist in finding a resolution to your problem.  You never feel like you can’t talk to another human being to find a solution that meets your needs.  Furthermore, the system undergoes upgrades at least annually that add functionality to the system and incorporate suggestions from Users through the GovMax Community Forum.”  

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