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Short on staff? Here’s how to free up personnel time...

Preparing government budgets is a year-round headache that only gets bigger during budgeting season. Budget managers are having to work under more pressure, tighter deadlines, greater needs and fewer personnel especially since the pandemic. In a nutshell, it’s a round the clock time-consuming, hectic, demanding and stressful job.

But then there’s GovMax. While some agencies are only magnifying their headaches by still budgeting with outdated spreadsheets in this day and age or using complicated and clunky ERP systems, GovMax saves your sanity by freeing up personnel time and simplifying the entire budgeting process. Each module and functionality within GovMax streamlines all of your budgeting requirements, whether you need them for last-minute budget updates or to plan for capital expenditures throughout the year.

Here’s how else GovMax helps when you are short on budget personnel

Department-level Budget Input

Your budget teams should not have to juggle between spreadsheets and the exhausting challenge of collecting data from across departments and leadership. That’s stressful. Instead, GovMax has built-in collaboration that allows you to grant user access at the department-level so that they can input their own budget entries and not fall on your shoulders. With built-in collaboration, you no longer need to go back and forth with requests and disconnected documents, because you can do everything in a secured centralized environment and concurrently oversee who gets access to what.

We know this because GovMax was designed by Sarasota County to solve our very own budgeting headaches, and inputting budgeting data for various departments was one of those headaches. After using GovMax for years to manage the entire County budget, we decided to commercialize GovMax and make it available to other agencies.

Multi-format reports

Easily print government budget documents with GovMax

GovMax makes it easy for you to render budget reports and documents in multiple formats without any need for manipulation or formatting adjustments. The reports are compatible with most office software in a flash for different document types and multiview formats. They are visually attractive and functionally interactive with the automatic creation of graphs and charts to help visualize the overall budget and variations between projections and actuals. Spreadsheets don’t offer you this level of dynamic reports.

Easily import and export

GovMax is purposely-built to help budgeting teams quickly import and export budget reports for instant data updates and manipulation without having to worry about version control or even breaking the formats. It’s just “click and go” whenever you need your data, wherever you need it.

By comparison, imagine having to take budget data and import it into a spreadsheet or other system? Doing it this way sometimes affects your formatting or breaks your data. GovMax is cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your formats or data when you import and export and you can do so in Word, Excel, pdf or other formats.

These days, many government agencies are having to do more with less, and being short on personnel only adds more work load on budget teams. It also makes it that much more time consuming to coordinate with your agency’s leadership and department-level budget teams as you wait on them to provide their budgets or hope that they’ll input their data in your budget spreadsheets by your deadlines.

GovMax was designed to make budgeting more efficient for budget teams of all sizes big and small and whether you’re managing million dollar budgets or billions. It’s also more affordable since it was designed by a government agency like yours that’s not in it to get rich but to help simply budgeting for other agencies.

Automated calculations

The GovMax algorithm automatically calculates the percentage of change rates, merit increases, and decreases, pay grade adjustments, and additive adjustments on positions. This saves more than 60% of personnel time from manually inserting data or calculating how one phase of the calculations affects another. These automated calculations further improves efficiency and reduces the mind-boggling process of handling spreadsheet formulas. In the end, you get greater flexibility in creating multiple scenarios for those multi-year budget scenarios.

For a free demo and to see how GovMax can meet your agency’s specific needs, email

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